Service Announcements

Attention: Routes; 8x, 10, 11, 16, 17: Effective 9-16 to 9-17: Due to contstruction on Main Street the stops at Main and 8th will be closed. All routes that stop at Main and 8th will be stoping on 9th street between Grove and Main.
Attention: Route 29: Outbound Stop at Vista and Overland has been closed. Temp stop placed west of Vista.
Attention: Route 9: Inbound stop at State St and W. Pierce Park Lane closed due to construction- No temp stop
Attention: ROUTE 1 AND 2. IB Stop at Boise/Holden has been closed due a fallen tree from the storm. No temp stop placed. will open when ACHD has cleared the obstruction.
Attention: ROUTES 6,7A, 7B, 8X AND 11. Stops at Fairview/27th Fairview/23rd Main/27th Main/23rd have been closed indefinitely. Not temp stops placed at this time.
Attention: ROUTES; 6,7A,7B, 8X and 11: Are on detour due to construction. The stops at Main and 15th, Main and 13th, Main and 11th are closed. Temps stops have been placed at Grove and 13th and at Grove and 11th.
Attention: ROUTE: 17 All stops on Old Penitentiary Rd will be closed through 10-15-2019. Please use the temporary stop on Warm Springs just before Bacon. Also the stop on Warm Springs & Hot Springs is closed. Please use the temporary stop on Hot Springs just before Warm Springs.
Attention: Route 8/8x: Due to construction on cloverdale and the need to reroute in the afternoon due to Cole Road construction, Please expect significant delays. The Afternoon 8x can expect to have delays upto and over 30 minutes.
Attention: ROUTES 1, 40, 43, 44: both stops at Manitou and Beacon have been closed. Temporary stops have been placed far side Vermont for outboud and far side Euclid for Inbound.
Attention: ROUTE 9: Due to construction on State Street at Collister please expect delays on route 9.
Attention: ROUTE 29: Due to construction on Overland @ Columbus, Cole road, and at Cole and Franklin Road, please expect significant delays.
Attention: Routes 6, 7A, 7B, 8X, AND 11: Stop on Idaho St and 15th St is closed- No temp stop.
Attention: Route 5: The outbound stop at Hartman and emerald is closed no temp placed
Attention: ROUTE 4: The stop on 13th @ Main has been closed. No temporary stop has been placed.
Attention: Route 5: Stop closed inbound at Emerald and Camelot- no temp stop.
Attention: Route 9: Inbound stop at State and Marketplace is closed- temp stop placed nearside
Attention: ROUTES 6, 7A, 7B, 8, 11: Stop at Fairview and 17th has been closed due to construction in the area. No temp stop placed
Attention: Route 1: W. Beacon St and S. Manitou Ave closed- Temp stop placed
Attention: ROUTE 9: The State and Collister intersection reconstruction project will result in periodic stop closures. Riders are urged to use caution when accessing the stops. All stops in the vicinity of the construction zone, including in front of the Collister Shopping Center, will be closed for the duration of the project.
Attention: ROUTE'S: 28 & 29: All stops on Cole between Overland and Barrister are closed. This will affect both the out bound and inbound pattern.
Attention: • Route 17: Inbound stop at Warm Springs & Ave C has been closed due to construction. No temp stop has been placed at this time.
Attention: Route 8: Temp stop placed near side of McMillan and Cloverdale.
Attention: Route 8/8X:Outbound McMillan & Cloverdale has been closed, Inbound and outbound Cloverdale & Hickory and Cloverdale & DeMeyer stops have been closed due to construction no temp stops have been placed.
Attention: Route #43 Bus Stop @ Chicago and 12th will be closed Monday April 15th through Sunday December 15 due to Bridge Construction, Please use the Bus Stop at Franklin Rd. Park and Ride
Attention: ROUTE #52 Bus Stops at 10th and Belmont and 10th and Chicago will be Closed Monday, April 15th Through Sunday, December 15th Due to Bridge Construction Please use the Bus Stop at E. Chicago and 12th St.