Service Announcements

Route 3: Route 3 Inbound and Outbound stops on Vista and Sunrise Rim/Elder are closed temp stop placed about 200 feet near and far side.
Route 9: State/9th is closed. Please use State/11th.
Route 3: The stop at Capitol and University is closed no temp stop is placed please use Capitol and Cesar Chavez.
Route 6: The Inbound stop at Orchard and Franklin is closed a temp stop has been places 100 feet before the stop.
Route 28: The stops at Victory and Victory Veiw in both directions and on Protech have been closed. Temp stops have been placed on Trabuco at La Jolla and on Protech across from the closed Protech stop.
Route 28: Route 28 is on detour via Cole road from Overland to Victory.
Route 8: Both stops at Five Mile and McMillan are closed a temp stop has been placed for the inbound direction on Five Mile 100 feet south of McMillan
PM Route 11: The outbound stop at Chinden and 36th is closed a temp has been placed at Chinden and 35th.
Route 11: AM/PM Route 11 Stops are closed on Adams/38th and Reed St.